Est. 2009

American Board Sports was born from a passion for Snow, Water, Wind and Mountains. These are the core elements as we see it. Forged from a desire for speed and molded out of love for the outdoors. Our goal is bringing you with us on an adventure fueled by water, wind, snow and adrenaline! We deliver premier brands and top-secret info on amazing Snowkiting, Backcountry Skiing and Snowboarding, Sled Skiing and Snowboarding, Surfing, Skating, and Paddleboarding locations. Let American Board Sports be your pathway to adventure. Ride The Line.

Our Mission

To give you the "Moment." The Moment is that snap shot in time where you realize you are riding with a smile on your face in your dream conditions and nothing else matters. Define your Moment. We specialize in the Cascades, Rockies and Sierras. Give us a call or email us for details.

Board sports are the evolution of the purest connection to the environment. Allowing us to become, but for a moment, part of the elements.
— Luke Russell, Founder